What’s in A Name?

‘Chalkies’ are teachers and we know how to ‘chat’!

Whether you use chalk, whiteboard markers or an interactive whiteboard, chalk has been part of teaching and learning for a long, long time.

The favourite job at the end of the day was dusting down the blackboard and banging the dusters outside with chalk dust flying everywhere!

So, we pay tribute to that history and use chalkboards around the shop. (Some of the café tables are even painted with chalkboard paint for a quick scribble!)

Our logo is an apple. Another nod to the history of giving apples to the teacher. We also have apples available for a donation and money raised goes to support schools in need overseas.

At Chalk and Chat we aim to support the teaching and learning needs of parents, students and teachers. Our learning journeys are lifelong and the conversations we have, and the relationships we build with one another along the way, should be supportive, encouraging and full of fun!


A Little About Our Founder

Judy Redman has over 40 years’ experience as a teacher. She was an Assistant Principal in Sydney and then at Howlong Primary School. A life-changing car accident on her way to work and a resulting neck injury, altered her career trajectory. Letting go of something that had been the focus of a lifetime career was almost impossible, so she didn’t!

Chalk and Chat emerged as a way to continue in a supportive teaching role, provide much-needed local educational resources, have a very large storeroom and coffee on tap!  (No more waiting for recess or lunch to dash to the staff room for a much-needed caffeine hit to keep going!)